Dolphin 401

Power       : 10 kW
Throttle   : Electronic Speed Control
Cooling    : Water
Battery     : LiFePO4 20 kWh

Dolphin-401 offers you bigger power about 5x than Dolphin-203. This will satisfy you who love boating with family. The power of 10 kW Electric Motor is equivalent up to engine 25 HP. You can control the speed with the Electronic Speed Control and we Provide LCD Display so you can monitor the speed meet your expectation. No worries about overheat since it has used water cooling system. The LiFePO4 Battery is the best choice since it is safer and The Capacity of 20 kWh will give you longer distance range and more time for unforgettable boating moment with your family. Do you think  the Power of 10 kW is not enough to satisfy you ? Do you like much bigger power for much higher speed ? Do you need more capacity for the battery ? Please contact us for the details or send us your request and we will make it happen for you.


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