Higher Efficiency

Electric propulsion by Green Boat offers higher efficiency to give more distance range. You can spend more time for boating

Silent & Lower Vibration

Electric motor by Green Boat consists of spinning magnetic coil to give instant torque and silent propulsion much lower vibration.

Fewer Component Part

With smaller number of component part , the downtime of electric propulsion by green boat is about zero.

About Us

Green Boat is a startup that aims to reduce carbon emissions by creating electric boat for coastal communities and all stakeholder to achieve blue economy. 

Green Boat brings innovations that will help all the stakeholder to reduce their operational cost due to expensive fuel price and eventually increse their welfare and also reduce government subsidies for fisherman.

Why should choose us?

Silent Propulsion

Electric motors aren't inherently silent, but they can be that why we are developing a proprietary gear set and motor design to make our system run quietly and less vibration without causing any trouble.

Saving Cost

The Electricity price is about 25% - 30% of fuel price so there are saving cost about 70% - 75% of regular cost.

Zero Maintenance

Our fully-sealed electric outboard motor means there are no fluids to ever check or fill, no spark plugs, no cooling loop to get clogged and carry invasive species, no gear set rebuilding, and no annual winterization.

No Emissions

100% - Clean , electric power flows effortlessly from our proprietary battery pack system producing zero emissions. No more oil spills or direct gas emissions. No more inhaling noxious fumes or polluting petrochemical fluids directly into the water.


We always work hard to create 5 - Star Quality for all our product

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

Green Boat offers you :

1. Lower Maintenance Cost 

2. Higher Safety 

3. Lighter Weight (Without Battery)

4. Longer Distance Range 

5. Zero Direct Air Pollusion

6. Much Lower Noise

7. Much Smaller Operational Cost (25%-30% of Fuel Price)

8. Longer Life Time

(± 8-15 years for battery life time)

9. Much lower Vibration

10. Lesser Downtime

11. Lower Risk of Oil Spill to Water

12. More Convenience for Boating

13. Smaller Number of Component Part

14. Higher Efficiency

15. Lower Risk of Fire

The Number of Carbon emitted depends on the number of Carbon Content in each type of the fuel. Pertamina has several kind of products like Ron  90 (Pertalite), Ron 92 (Pertamax), Diesel Fuel (Solar), Pertamina Dex, BioSolar, B40, High  Speed Diesel, Marine Diesel Oil, etc. 

It depends on the amount of carbon content each type of fuel has, but on average, Ron 90 (pertalite) and diesel fuel (Solar) produce ±2 kg CO2 eq / kWh Energy.

It depends on the carbon content of each type of product, but on average, Ron 90 (Pertalite) and diesel fuel (Solar) produce ± 1.2 – 1.3 kWh / Litre fuel

The package provided by Green Boat can be combined with solar panels. In additional, you can bring additional Green Boat batteries as a backup when you are sailing on the sea.  So, Please make sure you bring enough battery capacity according to your sailing needs.  Additional batteries can be purchased separately by contacting our team. Please do not use Battery from other supplier which it may not compatible by Green Boat Component Part.

Yes of course, you can buy the component parts separately according to your needs by contacting our team.

Yes, we provide one-year-warranty for spare part and service due to production errors. Our Warranty does not cover any damage resulting from user error. Warranty void if the parts had been altered or modified by the user.

At this time we do not charge any fees for Jabodetabek area. For outside Jabodetabek area, please contact our representative office closest to your location.  Additional fees may apply if your location is > 30 kilometers from our representative office location.  Please contact our team for further information.

The amount of savings depends on the type of fuel you are currently using. On average, your expenses are only around 25% -30% of your regular expenses every day.  This means that you can make savings of 70% -75% of your daily expenses.

Yes, by using your Green Boat product, you have helped the government to reduce the amount of subsidies for fuel oil.

Please, fill out the order form on the contact us page or you can contact our team.

Yes, we provide an option to rent out our products on a monthly basis for 5 years which will then become your full property after 5 years (after the rental contract is completed). This policy is only valid during promotional periods.

Our Founder

Ricky Kurniawan

Ricky Kurniawan is an experienced B2B Marketing with over 6 years in Marketing Industry, mostly in Fiberglass industry that make him has understanding about Boat/Yacht Industry. He studied Pharmacy but he has curiosity to explore other industry.

His Value is Honest, Trustworthy, Integrity, Diligent, Hard worker, Fast Learner, Self Motivator , Fast Decision Maker and Problem Solver with good logical thinking that often Solve other people problem. This Value make him to build a startup to bring Innovation and disrupt the way of The current people Habit to make our live be easier and more comfortable to live.

He has Management Skill to lead a group of 20 people for 2 big Annual event as the Chief of Committee in the university. He has been the smartest student in school so that he love to transfer knowledge to be a private tutor during his free time. Above All, he is a caring, friendly family man that is willing to help each other for humanity.

Novia Iskandar

Novia Iskandar is an Experienced Accountant with over 6 Years in Financial Industry (Finance, Accounting and Tax). She has been offered to be Asisstant Manager in a Tax Consultant Company at 19 years old when she started to work in 2017.

She always works in managerial Level, make her have Good Management Skill. Her Value is Honesty, Trusworthy, Integrity, Diligent, Hardworker. This Value make her in her position now.

" When i used Gasoline Engine, I must do maintenance regularly , change many components part, buy expensive gasoline from local retailer and The Life Time was only about 5 years. I was looking for powerful engine that have cheaper cost and longer life time then i met Ricky. I am so happy to do the first trial"
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